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    I was very lucky that a good friend recommended Melissa Storch's services for assisting me with my divorce. Melissa was an excellent advocate for exploring all avenues in drafting a fair settlement. My sister and a close friend told me that I would end up hating my lawyer when my divorce was fina... Read On

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    Thank you, so much, for all of your help and support. I know that this process could have been so much more painful and devastating, if we had not chosen collaborative. I really appreciate how you have supported me through the most difficult time of my life. Read On

The Collaborative Process

A codified, non-adversarial legal divorce process designed to help you reach a mutually beneficial resolution that protects and preserves your family without traditional litigation. Find out more about the UCLA (Uniform Collaborative Law Act)

What I do
  • Utilize elements of Collaborative Family Law, Cooperative Practice, and Mediation
  • Help you determine which approach is right for your family and tailor make a solution that fits your needs.

Divorce is often a long, arduous and emotional process rife with loss and grief - but it doesn't have to be devastating.

Collaborative law is an effective and efficient path to peacemaking throughout a divorce
  • Mitigating the pain and emotional devastation often associated with formal litigation
  • Relieving the burdens of more arduous legal processes
  • Laying the foundation for an ongoing, communicative relationship

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce and Co-Parenting

Here at Storch Law, I specialize in a hybrid of collaborative/cooperative options and approaches that allow me to facilitate a solution tailored for each client, their family, and unique situation.

Collaborative divorce is less destructive, less polarizing, and less costly than litigation.

Is A Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

While a collaborative settlement is an advantageous choice and could be the right solution for up to 85% of all family law cases, it may not be the right fit for every situation.

Collaboration works best when both parties are committed to reaching a non-adversarial and mutually beneficial settlement without the desire to litigate, or hurt or inflict ongoing emotional trauma through a long and painful divorce process.

Unlike traditional family law litigation, which often pits spouses against one another and can be preoccupied with “winning,” collaborative law is focused on mutual cooperation in order to build a strong and long-lasting foundation together for your future lives apart.

Find out more about the different divorce options available to you.

Divorce Options

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