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Do I Qualify for a Collaborative Divorce?

Do I Qualify for a Collaborative Divorce? (Questionnaire)

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce but are committed to maintaining a lasting relationship based on friendship and co-parenting, collaborative divorce can help you facilitate your separation and lay the foundation for your new life. The collaborative, mediated process allows a forum to reach a settlement while protecting the sanctity of your family unit. Divorce handled with the collaborative approach is often constructive and healing process for the whole family, rather than a painful and contentious one.

Sample Questions: (let's talk through more questions on our call)

  • Are you and your partner interested in pursuing a less destructive, non-adversarial option for your divorce?
  • Are you committed to working together and maintaining an ongoing amicable relationship throughout and after your divorce?
  • Would you prefer to keep your divorce proceedings private and outside of court intervention, if possible?
  • Do you have an interest in co-parenting your children?
  • Would you like to remain a family in spite of the divorce?
Family Law Litigation Collaborative Divorce
Lasts 12-24 months on avg 4-8 months/on avg.
Costs $20,000 per person/on average $6,000 per person/on average
Resolution Not all issues resolved All issues successfully decided
Post-Agreement Litigation Most likely will occur Less than 5% of the time

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