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Collaborative Divorce

In order to understand what Collaborative divorce is, we must first address what it isn't.

Collaborative divorce is not:

  • About winning or losing
  • Concerned with causing pain or attaining retribution
  • A knock-down, drag-out fight in the court

Collaborative divorce is:

  • An effective method for settling disputes where both parties agree to work together in a fair and cooperative manner to reach a resolution without court intervention or formal litigation
  • A non-adversarial path to navigating the ending of a marriage and the beginning of a new life that empowers both parties to heal and work together to build an amicable future
  • Concerned with the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned
  • A codified legal process to reduce the financial strain, emotional stress and ongoing trauma that often accompanies the lengthy divorce process
Defined in statutes and legal agreements, and protected by a participation contract
Find out more about the UCLA (Uniform Collaborative Law Act)
  • All about serving and preserving the specific needs of your family in order to build the best and most sustainable arrangements for its future and well-being

In a Collaborative divorce, each party is represented by an attorney who serves as their legal counselor, committed to reaching a resolution with integrity, fairness, and the best long-term interests of both parties and their families.

Central principles of a Collaborative Law divorce process:

  • Both parties agree to mutual participation, promising to approach resolution without threatening court intervention
  • Participants agree to negotiate in good faith, disclose all pertinent information, and keep their communications constructive and respectful throughout
  • A series of substantive discussions occur in “joint sessions” with both parties and their attorneys in attendance
  • If either party seeks court intervention, the attorneys for both parties and their firms are disqualified from further participation in that matter
  • Communications are inadmissible in any subsequent court proceedings without the consent of all

Typically, Collaborative divorces cost less, are resolved faster, and have a much lower rate of post-agreement litigation.


How Storch Law Can Help You

After consulting with Storch Law, PLLC and considering a collaborative approach to resolving your family law dispute, if you find that you really need unbundled, a la carte legal representation, Storch Law, PLLC may choose to represent you in either a cooperative or more traditional uncontested approach.

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You will have the opportunity to assess your needs together and make a powerful decision on how to handle your family law matter. Divorce, separation, child custody disputes, child support modifications, and relocation are all areas in which Storch Law, PLLC is experienced, and will work with you to determine which dispute resolution path will best suit your needs.

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