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Another option within the umbrella of cooperative divorce methodologies, mediation also allows couples to work through the finer points of divorce without the courts.

  • Similar to arbitration, mediation involves the presence of a neutral third party who listens to the concerns and desires of both parties and helps facilitate communication between them so that a mutual agreement can be reached.
  • Once a final arrangement that is satisfactory to both parties is made, the agreement can either be memorialized by the mediator or sent to attorneys to draft final paperwork.

While mediators are not required to be attorneys, Storch Law, PLLC provides facilitative mediation services focused on empowering clients in creating effective solutions to their problems. Melissa Shields Storch has coached people for over a decade in being powerful and effective in all areas of their lives. She brings a compassionate and communicative approach to working with clients.

As your mediator, Storch Law will:

  • Assist in identifying and understanding the relevant issues that will need to be addressed throughout the divorce process, allowing both parties to make informed decisions after seeking legal advice
  • Act as a peacemaker and facilitator, taking special care to guide negotiations through particular areas of contention between the divorcing parties
  • Provide options and insight to help both parties come to a mutually acceptable agreement, customized to the unique needs of their situation

Common areas of concern include those pertaining to children (custody decisions, parenting plans, time-sharing, child support, etc.), alimony (spousal support, spousal maintenance, etc.), and the division of marital assets and debts

  • Draft paperwork required for the divorce, particularly the Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines the tenants of the agreement and will be referenced by the attorneys drafting final paperwork.

How Storch Law Can Help You

After consulting with Storch Law, PLLC and considering a collaborative approach to resolving your family law dispute, if you find that you really need unbundled, a la carte legal representation, Storch Law, PLLC may choose to represent you in either a cooperative or more traditional uncontested approach.

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You will have the opportunity to assess your needs together and make a powerful decision on how to handle your family law matter. Divorce, separation, child custody disputes, child support modifications, and relocation are all areas in which Storch Law, PLLC is experienced, and will work with you to determine which dispute resolution path will best suit your needs.

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