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While technically the least expensive divorce option available, a self-represented divorce is also the riskiest.

  • Navigating divorce proceedings—and the many associated rules and procedures—is a challenge for even the most experienced of attorneys, and inability to meet the technical requirements necessary to finalize your case or correctly follow court procedures could result in significant mistakes.
  • Before you opt for self-representation, be aware of the potential risk factors.

How Storch Law Can Help You

After consulting with Storch Law, PLLC and considering a collaborative approach to resolving your family law dispute, if you find that you really need unbundled, a la carte legal representation, Storch Law, PLLC may choose to represent you in either a cooperative or more traditional uncontested approach.

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You will have the opportunity to assess your needs together and make a powerful decision on how to handle your family law matter. Divorce, separation, child custody disputes, child support modifications, and relocation are all areas in which Storch Law, PLLC is experienced, and will work with you to determine which dispute resolution path will best suit your needs.

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